Ayni is a Quechua word that means reciprocity, or right relationship.  My work in energy medicine is to bring each of us into right relationship – with our self, our relations, our community, and our planet.

The lineage of medicine into which I am initiated is one passed from the Q’ero of Peru to Alberto Villoldo, founder of The Four Winds.  The Four Winds tradition is that the Q’ero initiated Alberto in order that he bring their teachings to the developed world to help it heal during this time of great change.  The techniques and protocols are based on the shamanic rites and practices that were taught to him, but, as they were passed down, are removed from their cultural context. 

I am profoundly grateful to these teachings for how they have helped me to heal myself and my most significant relationship, and for how they enable me to help others.  Yet there is privilege in being able to study these teachings and that, no matter how we honor them, there is an element of appropriation that appears inescapable.

As my relationship to these teachings evolves, so will the ways in which I give back to the indigenous communities from which they derive.  And there is a way in which how ever we do, it will never be equal to what we receive from this medicine.  At this time, it feels right make a monthly donation to indigenous activists and organizations that preserve the land, culture, and livelihoods of native peoples in the Americas, where these practices originated, and Africa, where I am blessed to live and learn these traditions.  You can read about the organizations I have selected on my blog (tag: Ayni) and make suggestions for future recipients. As I learn more about how to honor these traditions, I will do so and share them here.

In gratitude and awe, Amy