Beautiful World

Healing practices to live in the world of our dreams

We live in a beautiful world.

But so often we are too busy, too preoccupied, too wounded, or too disconnected to slow down and appreciate it, or, to appreciate ourselves.

Right now, our world and so many of us need healing.  Healing to come back into right relationship – biodiversity, ecosystems, family, partner, and community connections.  And, fundamentally, with ourselves and how we each make our life meaningful.

It starts with each of us.  To heal our selves, to be kind to our selves. 

I work with you to help you move past your wounds and fears and, in creating yourself, co-create a social fabric in which we live in right relation with one another and our beautiful world.

Services: Energy Medicine • Relaxation Techniques • Ancestor Constellations • Transitioning Ceremonies • Rite of the Womb • Reiki • Personal & Professional Sustainability