Black Excellence Collective

For the last of our weekly June donations to support racial justice organizations in the United States, I am making a donation to the Black Excellence Collective.

The Black Excellence Collective formed in 2015 to “organize for our collective liberation using art, direct action & political education.” Over the past five years they have hosted workshops and trainings, organized rallies and vigils for members of the community lost to state or interpersonal violence, and coordinated direct support for people in need.

As many of us are aware, the black trans and queer communities are disproportionally affected by COVID-19 as well as racism, transphobia, rising unemployment, and police and interpersonal violence. As trying as these times are, they are multiplied in these communities – making the work of the Black Excellence Collective even more essential.

You can see an example of the powerful actions they are leading on this video and follow their activities on their Instagram.

They are currently working to raise $250,000 for their programs. They will divide the funds:

• 50% for bail funds, legal fees, and food/ride share support for black trans/queer youth in New York City

• 20% to build out organizing and arts mentorship programs for black trans/queer youth in NYC

• 15% to send commissary funds to incarcerated or detained Black trans/queer young folks nationwide

• 15% to continue a mutual aid micro grants program to black trans people nationwide who are affected by COVID-19

Please join me in learning more about, following, and supporting their work.

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