Black Lives Matter

Right now, in the United States, people are responding to 401 years of state-sanctioned slavery, oppression, injustice, abuse, and murder of Africans and African Americans. The nexus of racist and white supremacist politics, policing, economic, and environmental justice that is at the foundation of the American system needs to change. It needed to change 401 years ago when the first African was brought to the US in chains, it needed to change in the 19th century at the height of slavery, it needed to change in the early 20th century with the rise of the Klu Klux Klan, it needed to change under Jim Crow, it needed to change in the civil rights era, and it needs to change today. From the other side of the world, in solidarity with those fighting for this change, each week for the month of June we will make a donation to an organization advocating for black lives, fighting for systemic changes needed to protect black people, bailing out protestors, and civil rights.

Our first donation was made today to Campaign Zero – an organization that analyzes policing practices across the US, identifies solutions to end police violence, provides technical assistance to other organizers in this space, and develops model legislation and advocacy to end police violence nationwide.

Please join me in learning and taking action to bring an end to state-sanctioned violence against African Americans in the United States. If you want to learn about ways to get involved, please look at Campaign Zeros’ recommendations for Immediate Action and this collection of Ways You Can Help.

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