Bail Funds

Cash bail enables people to afford it to buy their way out of jail. It is unjust that people who can not afford to post bail must stay in jail when fellow cell-mates with access to funds can get out in a matter of hours (full disclosure, I bailed myself out using a credit card when I was arrested at Occupy LA in 2012). This financial requirement to obtain freedom disproportionally burdens (and thereby incarcerates) people living in lower economic brackets.

Every day in the United States there are over 450,000 people in jail who have not been convicted of a crime. They simply could not afford to post bail.

In the past 13 days of protests, over 10,000 people have been arrested across the United States. This week we donated to bail funds to assist people who have been arrested at the protests get out of jail.

Please consider supporting people in this way and also exploring the carrd for information about other actions you can take.

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